Director’s message

The we care foundation Africa, a non profit organisation extends a warm greeting to it’s readers, viewers, partners, donors and well wishers.

The foundation was mandated in 2017 but began operations in 2018.The website is a brief introduction of the services rendered by the We Care Foundation Africa. For more information, you are welcome to contact us.


The staff members of the We Care Foundation Africa comprises of experts in diverse fields such as; psychologist, criminologist, sociologist, philosophists, accountants, educationist, scientists, consultants and health experts.


The prototypes of the We Care Foundation Africa are distinguished experts who avail themselves at regular intervals to discuss pertinent issues that affect the marginalized in African communities, ranging from career, crime, health, economy and inter alia. The facets of discussion covers all age groups, embraces multiculturalism thus finding solutions to African fervid issues.

The benefactors are the lives that have been empowered and cared for by the foundation and thus have attested that indeed their lives have been touched.


The clientele of We Care Foundation consists of disadvantaged groups such as orphans, people with disability, poverty stricken community members, drug addicts, high school students and chronically ill people among others.


Ms Udeh BA